A Birthday Picnic

Mister Lovah Lovah turned 22 yesterday and oh boy, was it lovely!



I wanted to surprise him with a picnic between the blossoming trees. One problem: the weather was forecast to be a spoil sport. Nonetheless, I decided that the show should go on and took my chances. But on the morning of April 14th (Le Boyfriend’s birthday), I started fearing we would end up soaked on our romantic picnic. But hey, seen The Notebook? Anyone? Rain can be super romantic. So again, I decided to go on with my plan. Brave, with two umbrellas in my picnic basket, I was ready to face up to the wind and rain. But Daddy Dear, who looked at his little girl ready for her journey, decided that he should come to the rescue (and isn’t that what daddies do best?). So he took our giant parasol, stuffed it in the car and drove me to my picnic spot of choice. Once he drove off I sat there. Lonely, in the rain, with my giant parasol. For about 10 minutes. Then the odds turned in my favour! The sun made an appearance and I was even able to sunbathe until Le Boyfriend arrived.



I must admit, he was not that surprised. Mainly because (spoiler alert) he managed to guess my surprise 2 days in advance. But he was extremely happy with my interpretation of the whole picnic-idea. In his words: “You surpassed all my expectations”! *gloat gloat* As main course, I put together a little cheese platter with nuts, grapes, a baguette and some red wine. For dessert we had white chocolate-dipped strawberries and I made one of his favorites: Belgian Speculoos Tiramisu (The recipe will be available on the blog soon).



The weather did not even bother us anymore! After all, we were well sheltered against the wind and an occasional rain shower, plus there was plenty of sunshine in between the rainy episodes. We went for a little walk, had a glass of champagne, took pictures, cuddled under the blankies I brought, lay there for hours with some music … just the perfect afternoon! I know, it is cheesy, but it is true! #hatersgonnahate #perfectdayisperfect

10253919_10202900677111527_1005118508910483688_n  10168233_10202900678511562_5865177950416791033_n

Pictures by Me and Maxime

Sophie: sunnies Polaroid

Maxime: sunnies Asos


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