Easter: A day for bunnies

Spring has sprung and it is almost that time of year. Yes, you know what I am talking about: baby birds, fluffy rabbits, colorful eggs and loads and loads of chocolate. EASTER OF COURSE! I am looking forward especially to the Easter brunch with my family and going for one of those first walks without a thick coat. Just eggs-cellent (yes, I said it!).

Since I am already really egg-cited (I did it again!), I wanted to be fully prepared! So I went searching the internet for all things Easter-related. What I found was completely beyond my eggs-pectations (I am on a roll here): it is totally Easter-proof, funny AND fashionable! And since a girl always needs a friend who is all ears … I am talking about these adorable bunny iPhone Cases! And not just any, no, Marc Jacobs and Moshino iPhone cases!




1. Pets iPhone Case  – 2. Jet Set Pets Katie iPhone 5 –

3. Katie Rail iPhone 5  – 4. Katie Bunny iPhone 4G Case –

5. iPhone 4 Women

They are all super cute, but the Moshino case is my favorite. This is going to make my Easter eggs-tra (there is really no stopping me at this point) special this year. Have a very bunny day and remember: there is no such thing as too much chocolate!



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