Quinoa: What, Where & Why?

Quinoa is a South American grain crop. It is actually more of a vegetable than a grain. Let’s call it a pseudo cereal! But why is it called the “New health food superstar”? Well, it is high in protein, vitamins and minerals and lacks gluten. Also, quinoa is relatively low in calories (+/- 172 calories per serving). So it is perfect for a low-carb diet. Due to the fact that the protein and fiber found in quinoa can make you feel fuller, which reduces the chances of binging on unhealthy foods, it can be used in any kind of diet actually. That is why it has become increasingly popular as a grain alternative and weight loss food in the West. Also, quinoa is safe for diabetics, because quinoa has a low glycemic index (which indicates how carbohydrates affect your blood glucose). A superfood indeed!

Quinoa tastes rather neutral, with a hint of hazelnut. This makes quinoa the perfect ingredient for all kinds of dishes. Moreover quinoa can be served warm, as well as cold. You can buy quinoa at the local supermarkets nowadays (In Belgium, I found it at ‘Colruyt’ and ‘Delhaize’). I bought mine at the Oxfam shop.

Instructions for preparing the quinoa: Rinse your quinoa. Put 1 cup of quinoa into a saucepan and add  2 cups (always x2) of water or other cooking liquid. Place it over medium heat. Bring to a boil then reduce to a simmer and cook for about 15 minutes, stirring from time to time.

So start looking for recipes on pintrest or follow my blog. Enjoy!


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