Review The Himalaya Wisdom Bodyscrub from Rituals

Finally! Spring has begun! Time for bright colours and fresh fragrances. But also an excellent time to spend some extra attention to your skin. The cold wind and central heating can make your skin dry during the winter. On our to do-list: an intensive scrub to get rid of that dry winter skin. You will not only look, but feel great too! So I tested for all of you: The Himalaya Wisdom Bodyscrub from Rituals.


Rituals is known for its affordable luxury. This scrub isn’t anything less than that! Scrubbing has a purifying effect on your body and helps to stimulate the energy flow in your body. Thanks to the coarse texture of the grain, you get a really intensive scrub. Afterwards, my skin feels silky smooth and hydrated. The scrub leaves an oily (but not greasy!) layer on the skin. In addition, the scent of holy basil and organic mint is  refreshing and revitalizing. You cannot only smell the mint, you can really FEEL it! After using the scrub, my skin feels slightly cold. For those who do not like this sensation: staying a bit longer under the running hot water will do the trick. Thanks to the calming effect of the mint you will not only feel refreshed, but also very relaxed after taking a shower or bath (although I recommend a shower because of the grainy structure of the scrub). This scrub is the perfect way of transforming a daily routine into a special moment, and therefore one of my favorites! (Ps: girls, The Boyfriend loves it!)

For those of you looking for a less expensive alternative: check my blog for your DIY bodyscrub!


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